Call recording

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With call recording you can record phone calls, save them and play them back.

Legal aspect

Please note that you are responsible for the legal aspect of recording telephone calls. This means, for example, that you have to inform the people you are recording about that fact.

How do you set it up?

  • Log in to Freedom.
  • In the menu, go to Admin.
  • Click Call recording.
  • Check the costs mentioned at the top.
  • Check the box Allow Call Recording.
  • Incoming calls: Put call recording in your dial plan after you have completed all the steps below.
  • Outbound Calls: Choose whether to record all your outbound calls, no outgoing calls or only calls from certain phones (VoIP accounts).
  • Call recording on demand: Check this if you want to start recording during a call.
  • Recordings: Indicate how many months your recordings will remain downloadable in Freedom. Please note that you pay per saved month.
  • Click on Save.

Add call recording in the dial plan

  • In the menu bar, go to Dial plan and click on the phone number from which you want to record the calls.
  • In the first step, click Add Step and select Call Recording. This will record all calls to this number.

Call recording on demand

By adding call recordings to a dial plan it is possible to record all incoming calls. By adding call recording on demand you are able to start a call recording while you are on a call. During a call
press * and then a 2 to start recording calls. It’s that simple!

When are the recordings available?

It takes at least an hour before a recorded call is visible in your call list. Depending on the amount of traffic, this can take up to several hours. Conversations are always visible in your conversations list the next working day.


Call recording costs € 5,- per 1000 recorded minutes per month that we save them for you.

Listening to call recordings

Go to Calls in the menu bar. Behind the recorded calls you will see a play button , a stop button and a download button . Here you can listen to and download the conversations.

Good to know

If you have set that calls are saved for a month, then they are really gone exactly one month after recording and are not retrievable.

Note: Voys App calls made through a two-way call will not be recorded. In a two-way call, our platform will first call your number and then the number you want to call.


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