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You can create a call group if you want a group of VoIP-telephones and/or mobile phones to ring at the same time when you receive an incoming call.

Add a Call group

  • Log in on Freedom.
  • Go to ‘Admin’ in the main menu.
  • Click on ‘Call group.’
  • Select Add.
  • Enter an Internal number (extension): This is a 3 digit number that you can use to call the call group internally, for example 501.
  • Enter a Description: Here you can give the call group a description, for example: “everyone’s mobile phone” or “sales team”.
  • Select a Ring method: This is set automatically to All and you can leave it that way. If you choose for Random the ringing time will be divided amongst all of the phones in the call group. That means if you choose a ringing time of 20 seconds for a call group with 5 phones, each phone will ring for 4 seconds. The order the phones ring is random.
  • Ignore call forwarding: If this is checked, the system will ignore forwarding the call on an individual VoIP-phone. In this case, the call will only go to the destination(s) that you have checked in the call group. If you haven’t checked ignore forwarding and there is call forwarding set up for your VoIP-phone, then each call will be sent to the forwarding number.
  • Confirm calls type: This is also called call validation. When this is checked, when receiving an incoming call from an external party, you will first hear a voice say: “ press 1 to answer this call.” This ensures that a voicemail from a mobile provider can’t answer the call. We advise you to turn this function on when you have mobile or fixed numbers in a call group. This function doesn’t work in combination with VoIP-phones.
  • Destinations: Here you can indicate which destinations you would like to have in your call group. This could be a combination of VoIP-accounts, mobile numbers, and fixed numbers.

When you have created your call group, add it to your dialplan.

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