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With the Voys app you call with your smartphone, but then not through your mobile number. The app is connected to the online platform from the company and that’s how you can make and receive calls with your business ‘landline’ number through the 4G network from your mobile provider.

This is how you set up the Voys app for iOS.

Do you have an Android, click here.

It’s possible to set up the entire app through your phone, but you can also choose to do part of the installation through Freedom. Be aware, if you have never logged into Freedom, you need to do that first before you can log in to the app.

Setting up Freedom

  • Log in to Freedom.
  • Go to Admin and then click on Users.
  • Click on the email address or create a new user.
  • Go to the Telephony settings tab.
  • By App account, select a free VoIP-account or create a new account.
  • Scroll below to Accessibility.
  • By Outgoing number for the app select the right telephone number for the app.
  • Click Save.

Setting up the Voys App

  • Download the Voys App in the App store or update your current version. Be aware: The app is only available for iOS 10.
  • Log in to the Voys app with your username and password. Be aware: Each app user needs to log in with their own account.
  • Fill in your mobile phone number and check if you see the correct outgoing number.
  • Don’t Allow or find it OK that the Voys app has access to your contacts.
  • Go to Settings in the Voys app and set Enable VoIP to green.
  • Remote logging: with this code its possible to read data from the app. This is important when searching for problems, if that situation arises. For privacy reasons, remote logging is turned off by default.
  • If you already have a VoIP account connected to your user then you can make calls with the app.

Connecting your VoIP account in the app

  • If there isn’t a VoIP account connected yet, then you will receive a notification to do so. Choose Set VoIP account.
  • In user settings, go to App account and select an inactive VoIP account. If you don’t have an inactive VoIP account, choose new VoIP account and agree to the costs. Be aware: each user needs to have their own VoIP account.
  • The app will verify the VoIP account and then you are ready to make calls!

Receiving incoming calls

If you want to receive incoming calls through the app, go to Dial plan which can be found in the app under the Menu button. Add the new App account into the dial plan. If your availability changes between the app and the VoIP account on your fixed device, add yourself as a User to the dial plan and then change where you are available in the app, Click to Dial plugin or in the Webhone.

When you receive calls on the Voys App, you hear a different ringtone than your normal ringtone. You can answer the call by first clicking on the notification, unlocking your phone, opening the app, and clicking on ‘Accept’. If you want to answer faster (and we can imagine that you do), swipe the notification to the left and the call will be answered faster.
Be aware: For iOS when you receive your first call you will get the notification that Voys wants access to your microphone. By pressing OK, the app can use the microphone from your smartphone for calls.

Outgoing calls

If your app is set up, then inside the app you can choose a number from your contact list, for your recent calls, or enter a number and click on the call button. Your smartphone connects the call and the call receiver won’t see your mobile number. Your business number will be displayed on their screen.

If you don’t have a (stable) internet connection, you can still make calls through the Voys app using a two way call. Enter the number in the Voys app that you want to call. Next you will be called from your landline to your mobile line. Answer this call and then a second call will be placed to the chosen number. The two calls will be combined into one and you can call without internet to your client using your business number. Be aware: When calling through a two way call you pay double the conversation costs because two calls were connected.

Connection and calls

  • Momentarily, calling through the app uses about 0.2 MB per minute of your data from your mobile provider.
  • We advise to call with 4G rather than with wifi as much as possible. The 4G-connection is more stable and the call quality is much higher. The app always decides first if your internet connection is good enough to start a call. If you are on the move during your call, its possible that the call quality can decrease or the call can be disconnected.
  • If you aren’t in a 4G-area or if you don’t have a wifi signal, then the app will always place a two way call if you make a call.
  • If you aren’t in a 4G-area or if you don’t have a wifi signal, then an incoming call won’t show up on the app. Make sure that your mobile phone number is also part of the dial plan. Be aware: costs associated with transferring your call to your mobile number will be applied.

Good to know

  • This app is a product that is currently in development and is constantly monitored for quality. We release updates regularly. If you have feedback about the app, we would love to hear!
  • A VoIP account for the app costs € 5,- a month with a € 15,- one-time cost. If you have 5 or more accounts, then you can receive a sliding scale discount.
  • Be aware: the Voys app doesn’t work well when also using the queue module.
  • By using the app, you will no longer pay call transfer fees!
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