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Listen in

Written by . Last updated: November 24, 2020

The listen in module allows you to listen in on conversations with your colleagues. Only Freedom administrators are able to who can listen in with whom. Make sure you inform your colleagues about the listen in function.

Log in to Freedom

  • Click in the menu bar on Listen in.
  • Click on Add.
  • Internal number: Choose a three-digit number that you enter to listen to a particular device. Tip: Choose the same number as the VoIP account, but swap the first number with a 5, so 201 becomes 501.
  • Password: Fill in a numeric password that you enter before you can listen in. You can leave this field empty as well, then you don’t have to enter anything.
  • All extensions: If you tick this box, you can listen in on all devices under your client account. If you don’t tick it, you can choose with which VoIP accounts you can listen in.
  • Click save and you’re done.

That’s how you listen in

Enter the internal listen in number on a device and start to listen in. If you want to switch to another call, press the *.


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