A fixed number for the smart freelancer

The perfect flexible workplace for the smart self-employed. For 16 years, Voys has been enabling more than 8,000 freelancers to be optimally available for their clients on a business telephone number.

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Manage your business
anytime, anywhere

  • Professional appeal

    Get a local or nationwide phone number with business appeal, for a very sharp price.

  • A healthy work-life balance

    Separate business from private calls, and be available when you need to be and unavailable when you want to be.

  • No extra equipment needed

    No need for an extra phone or sim card, just use the Voys app on your regular mobile phone or the Webphone on your browser. This makes you reachable for business calls when you want to be.

  • Know who’s calling

    With LookUp, we aim to show you who is calling, so you know how to answer.

  • Your personal numbers stay private. Always

    We are big on privacy. We actually sued governments to protect the privacy of our customers. Customer data is stored in Europe and is not shared with 3rd parties.

  • Anywhere, any place

    Be seamlessly connected from home or anywhere with the Voys App or Webphone. Make and receive calls, toggle your presence, and check the availability of your colleagues for a seamless remote experience.

Your business number.

Separate your business and personal number

When you call a client, your business number shows on their Caller ID, so your personal number stays private.

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Works everywhere

No equipment. No contracts. No hassle.

You can use Voys to call via the internet or Voys can use your current cellular signal to make and receive calls. This makes the quality and reliability every bit as good as your private calls or even better in any situation.

No need to buy a new smartphone or buy extra equipment! Just get the Android or iOS App or use our Webphone!

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No expensive phone contracts for your professional phone system.

Get a dedicated business phone number with the features of a professional phone system – all with an app on your smartphone or through your computer.

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It’s more than just a number

A true professional phone system for freelancers who care about their customers. These are just some of the options:

Set business hours

Choose when you want to accept business calls. After hours, calls go straight to your professional business voicemail.

Voicemail box

Your business number also includes its own voicemail box, so even missed calls go to the right place.

Know who’s calling

With LookUp, we recognize businesses calling you so you get the context you need before you even answer!


With LineID, you can add extra business phone numbers for different brands and see for which brand the customer is calling, so you can answer the call the right way!

Business Ringtone

The App has its own ringtone so you can hear the difference between a business and a private incoming call and give business calls the right priority.

Secretary transfer

Every call is a potential new customer or a valued existing customer. Can’t answer yourself? We can transfer the call to your favorite secretary service.

Privacy guaranteed

We care about privacy and fight for it. Your personal info is ours to protect and not shared with 3rd parties.

1% connectivity tax

We donate > 1% of our revenue to initiatives that close the digital divide, the biggest being our foundation 48percent.org.

DIY with best-in-class support

Do and change everything yourself! And if you get stuck at any point, we are here to help.

Ready to scale up (and down)

Scale-up and down anytime because we don’t have fixed contracts.

Doing stuff that matters

We want to be a meaningful business. To us, that means caring about the impact we have on our environment, society, and people. We want to work together as equals, with our colleagues, and with you, our customer.

It enables us to build awesome communication technology that supports the relationship between our customer and their clients. It also allows us to deliver best-in-class customer support.

Being a meaningful business also means that we have three pillars where we strive for change: Working together as equals, closing the digital divide, and building tech that gives people a voice.

Read more about being a meaningful business.

This is what our customers say

You are in good company. Over 18,000 businesses use Voys every day. Our customers rate us with an average of 8.9 in more than 4,000 reviews. And we are obsessed with customer happiness with an NPS of > 60 and a CSAT of more than 90 ?

  • “It does what it is supposed to do”

    Nice and complete delivery. I use 1 line, when I can’t answer I receive an e-mail with the voicemail. Don’t need anything else for now.

    Sander, Simol Beheer BV

  • “Excellent”

    We are very satisfied with the Voys product. And we are also very happy with the service that is provided.

    Rick, Duurzaambedrukt.nl

  • “Great and fast implementation”

    Very satisfied with the support during setup and implementation. The phone number transfer went very well. Product and app work as expected.

    Erik, De Wagenparkbeheerders

  • “Excellent onboarding”

    Things were handled very quickly and in a personal matter. A question about phone number listing was thoroughly looked into and answered.E.e.a. was snel geregeld, en op een heel persoonlijke manier. Ook een vraag die we hadden over gidsvermelding is grondig uitgezocht en beantwoord.

    Rolf, Thunderbyte.AI

  • “Good, fast and easy”

    Easy to use system that was quickly setup. It works well and the customer support is fast and friendly. I recommend it!

    Tamara, Fysiotherapie Broekhuizen

  • “Very good and easy to use”

    Very good service. All in one for a fixed price. The online portal is easy to use.

    Jesse, Xoric

Simply be available the way you want

Use your fixed business number for your business calls, keeping work and private life separate for a healthy work-life balance

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