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We are in business to connect people

It’s never been so easy to contact people in our digital age. But it’s been getting harder and harder for people to truly connect. We need an authentic human connection if we want to be able to tackle the problems our society is going to face. There are three areas where we as an organization feel we can contribute.

  • Working together as equals
  • Closing the digital divide
  • Building tech that gives people an equal voice

Three pillars that help us strive for change

Open and transparant

As a customer, you are a supporter of our work. That’s why we want to be transparent about our performance, our impact, and how we spend our time and money.

How we create and measure impact

Working as equals

We have inspired more than 250.000 people with articles, books, and keynotes on the way we are organized.

Closing the digital divide

17.000 people have benefitted from the work of 48percent.org.

Open Code

We develop technology that connects and the best way to do that is together.

Colleagues, diversity, and inclusion

We actively strive to be a diverse and inclusive organization. While we outperform industry standards in some areas, we always strive to do more.

Our footprint

By simply existing a business has a CO2 footprint. We try to minimize ours and compensate for what remains.

How we spend your money

You are not just a Voys customer, you are also a contributor. That’s why we like to be open about how we spend the money you pay us every month.

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