Use your business phone number everywhere

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What the Voys app can do for you

We made our Voys app especially for businesses that don’t want to be stuck in the office all day.

This is what you can do with the Voys app:

  • Make and receive phone calls with your regional phone number
  • Call through your phones’ internet connection
  • Use two-way calls when you have poor internet reception
  • Manage your dial plan and your own availability
  • Check your company’s call records and statistics



More answered phone calls

People love companies that answer there phones as often as possible.

That is why the Voys app comes in handy when you’re not in your office or workspace. You will still be able to answer your business phone calls on your smartphone.

One number

One phone number for your customers

As much as you love your customers, you don’t want them to call you on your mobile phone in the evening, on weekends, or on your holiday. It is way easier to just give them one phone number where you and your colleagues can be reached.


Ultimate flexibility

Whether you’re working at home, in your car, or in a nice coffee shop in Paris, you can always use your German regional business phone number. Your customers won’t notice the difference. 

Tell me more

Would you like to know more about the Voys app?

Are you interested in the Voys app? Just call us at +3150 211 0004 and ask one of our advisors for more information. Want to know more about all the other services Voys has to offer, then check out our product page or request a quote.

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