What you will find under the hood

Freedom, our phone system in the cloud, has all the options to make companies optimally available for their customers. All these options can be toggled on and off and managed in your own personal PBX: Freedom!

Phone numbers

We have phone numbers in stock in many German regions. They can be activated within a business day. We also offer phone numbers in over 50 countries.

Flexible call forwarding

Redirect inbound calls directly to one or more mobile phones, VoIP phones, or apps and toggle your availability within a few seconds.

Voys app

We developed an app for professionals who are not glued to their desks all day, but work remote a lot. With the app you can make and receive phone calls using your business phone number from anywhere.

Phones and headsets

Almost every VoIP phone can be configured with our services. We especially recommend Cisco and Yealink phones. You can also choose for our browserphone with a wireless headset!

Never miss a phone call

You can easily manage your phone system yourself. In Freedom, almost everything is possible, especially when you use these features.

Call groups

Would you like to have multiple phones ringing when someone calls your number? That’s no problem when you use call groups. You can even add mobile phones to the call group. It reduces the change of your company missing important phone calls.

Dial plan

In the dial plan in Freedom, you can route your incoming calls very easily through numerous options, like call groups, mobile phones, queues and IVR menus.

Opening hours

Auto’magically’ adjust what happens when somebody calls your number outside office hours. For instance redirect inbound calls straight to your cell phone or voicemail.


Welcome your caller with a nice message Welcome to Company Name or provide some information like ‘Thank you for calling. Did you already check out the FAQ section on our website?’ with the Messages feature.

IVR menu

Press 1 if you are experiencing difficulties setting up your services, press 2 if you have a question about your invoice and press 3 ……‘. This is what you can configure with an IVR menu. Every choice leads to a specific destination.

Call queuing

When your phones are engaged, this feature offers your callers the option to hold while they wait for the next available colleague. Ofcourse they are notified which place in the queue they have.


You don’t like anonymous callers? Just put them in a filter group and route them to a message saying you won’t answer anonymous calls. Or filter callers from France to your colleague who speaks French fluently.

Voicemail to e-mail

So you missed an incoming call?? Shame on you! Everyone misses phone calls. Callers like to have an option to leave a message. We’ll send the recorded message to your e-mail, so you can forward it or listen to it from a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Browser plugin

This thing is awesome. It’s a browser plugin for Chrome and Firefox you can use to click to dial and  manage your availability.

Smart and advanced extra’s

With these advanced options you optimize your your company’s workflows and they might save you time and energy.


Connect your telecom system to any other online application you use. With webhooks you can do anything, like connecting your phone settings with your online agenda or a CRM.

Call me now

With Call Me Now, you can turn your website visitor into a calling customer. Implement the button to your website and the button will call your customer and your company right away.


Why go to the office just for a meeting when you can be in the same virtual room with your colleagues using the password protected Voys conference.


With our call statistics dashboard, you gain insight in the availability of your company. It is a nice tool to optimize your business processes.

Listen-in extension

Listen-in on a call to monitor or assist a new colleague during his or her training period. The caller will not be able to hear you.

Call recording

If you would like to record your phone calls for training purposes or oral agreements, just use or Call Recording option. You can download the files at any time.

SIP Trunk

If you already own a PBX, you can use our SIP Trunk to make and receive phone calls. You will benefit from all the advantages Voys has to offer.

Music on hold

Would you like to ease the waiting of your calling customers? Just let them listen to your favorite tunes using the Music On Hold option.


Fax machines are nearly extinct, but especially for the die hard fax lovers we build an online faxservice that works entirely through your e-mail.

Try Freedom, you have nothing to lose!

Would you like to try the most advanced yet easy to use telecom system? Just try it. You can cancel your contract daily so you have nothing to lose

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