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SIP-Trunks and VoIP-Trunks

Voys offers SIP-trunks

Voys has been offering SIP-trunks for 13 years . That makes us the most experienced SIP-trunk provider in Germany.


Voys SIP-trunks are safe and stable. Our platform is monitored 24/7 and has an uptime above 99.8%.


You can change the number of simultaneous calls at any time and your contract can be cancelled any day.


A SIP-trunk at Voys is very cheap. A 2-line SIP-trunk with a phone number is just € 6,- per month.

Let’s explain it for a bit

What is a SIP-trunk / VoIP-trunk

SIP-trunk / VoIP trunk

A SIP-trunk (a.k.a. VoIP-trunk) is the registration of a telecom system, a PBX. If you own a PBX and want to use it, you need a SIP-trunk to register it on the platform of your telecom operator. When you have configured the SIP-trunk in your telecom system, it is connected to your telephone number and you can make and receive phone calls.

SIP-trunk or Hosted VoIP

When you want to use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), you have two options: A SIP-trunk or Hosted VoIP.

If you want to use a SIP-trunk, you will need your own telecom system, a PBX. That is a system you need to configure and update yourself. You need to have someone who has enough knowhow about managing telecom systems to do this.

Hosted VoIP often the best option

For most companies it is the best option to choose Hosted VoIP. We call this ‘hosted’ because you don’t have to own a telecom system. Voys offers a Hosted VoIP environment that is really easy to use, stable and always up to date.

What do you need?

VoIP-trunk / SIP-trunk?

  • Your own PBX that knows how to handle SIP / VoIP
  • A telephone number (we have those in stock for you, or you can port your own number to us)
  • A Voys SIP-trunk

Pricing of our SIP-trunks

Once off fee Monthly price
SIP trunk (2 lines)* € 20,- € 4,-
additional line each € 10,- € 2,-

*this offer excludes telephone numbers and call rates.

Would you like to know more about Voys SIP-trunks?

If you want more information about a SIP-trunk, or if you would like to know how Voys can help you with the optimal telephony solutions, just request a quote or call us at 030 7262 10999. We are happy to help!

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