How happy colleagues make happy customers

About Voys

This is what we do

In business to connect people

Make sure your company can connect with its customers. That is what Voys set out to do, but over time it’s become so much more.

In 2006, we developed a service at the leading Dutch research institute TNO that would radically change the telecom world: telephony in the cloud. And over the years, more than 17.500 companies have become fans of this product.

As we grew, we realized that technology alone would not be enough to reach our world of connecting people.

Working together as equals

When we started the company, we wanted everybody working here to have a nice job. As the company grew, we noticed management and job descriptions led to inequivalence.

We found and created systems that enable us to work together as equals. All of this research and creation led us to forming the Voys Model which has been a topic of research for academia, people have written books about it, and we have written a book about it ourselves.

The Voys Model creates a place for people that give a sh!t, that can do the right things, and have fun while doing so.

Happy colleagues are able to support happy customers and build technology that works for both.

Best technology + excellent service = happy customers

We’re dedicated

Becoming a meaningful business

A company is part of society and that society only exists within a healthy and sustainable environment. Therefore, a meaningful company has three important elements for us.

ways we contribute

Making an impact

The business and financial, the human and environmental side are deeply integrated into what we do and how we work. Promoting and learning about working together as equals has become a very big part of that. We think it is one of the most important contributions we can make to society besides our product and open source technology.

With the money we earn, we support our foundation and other great initiatives. Finally, we try to minimize our negative impact by being a sustainable business.

We don’t work with managers

And it works!

In self-management there are no managers, but there is equality and a lot of freedom and responsibility for every colleague. This way of organizing works and this doesn’t remain unnoticed in the world. We won many prizes for our fast growth and for the way we are organized.

However, we think the most valuable award is the one we get everyday from our customers. They have been rating our service and product with an average grade of 8.8 in over 4.000 reviews. That’s the highest rating in the telecom market worldwide!

Meet – or join – our team

Our team in 2024

We currently work with more than 155 colleagues and 12 nationalities and have offices in four countries. We work in a distributed way which means that colleagues can work at the location and time of their liking and that we have offices for the colleagues that prefer to work there.

The offices are accessible by wheelchair and all workplaces are adjustable to personal liking. A prayer room and nursing room are present in most of our offices and can be created in any of our offices. Part-time work and combining your job with your exciting freelance work are actively encouraged. If you want to learn more about the way we work and our company culture then the page about the Voys Model is a great place to start.