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Voice over IP

A phone system via the internet

For 18 years Voys has been offering a cloud telephone system. This makes us the most experienced cloud telephony and best VoIP provider. Forget about your physical PBX. With our VoIP solution you can use your business phone number wherever you like.

Optimal availability

With Freedom, our online phone system, we make your company optimally available for your customers so you won’t have to miss any incoming calls.

Flexible and reliable

Our business telephony grows with your company. Don’t worry about losing any calls, because our platform is monitored 24/7 to ensure the highest uptime possible.

Friendly to your wallet

A Voys telephony for business solution is very complete and pretty cheap. Check out the price for your best telecom solution including national and mobile phone calls.

Phone numbers

An essential part of a telecom solution is the phone number

We offer new phone numbers in 55 countries.

If your company already has a phone number, we make sure you can keep using it. We can port any number from any provider into our platform.

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If you want to make a phone call, you will need a phone.

That’s why we offer you fully operational cloud telephones. To set them up, all you have to do is connect them to the internet. They’ll work right away. You can choose every VoIP telephone: a wireless handset, a deskphone or the Voys app.

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Web apps

In our online phone system you are in charge.

Freedom! That is the name of our online platform. In this VoIP pbx interface you can manage your own settings and availability.

In Freedom you can enable and disable every option anytime to create a telecom solution that fits your company like a tailor-made suit.

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We ♥ our customers. That’s why we’ll help you with all we’ve got.

To set up your phone system in the best way possible. Our colleagues are here for you!

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