What you can expect from Voys

Our promise to you

Make sure your company can connect with its customers. That’s what Voys set out to do, but in a unique way. In everything we do, we look for ways to make it smarter and better.

That way, we offer a solution that makes us happy, delivered by a company we enjoy working for. To guide us, we have six promises we like to share with you and to which you can always hold us.

1. We are honest and transparent

  • All contracts and services can be activated and canceled on a daily basis.
  • If we make a mistake, we’ll tell you what went wrong. No: “I just saw your email” or “I’m working on it” when that is not the case.
  • 4,000+ business reviews can be found – unfiltered – on our website.

We are open and honest: what you see is what you get.

2. Contact is qualitative, personal and based on equality

Voys consultants dare to take the director chair when giving you advice. With our knowledge and experience, we don’t just deliver the best telephony solution, but the best solution for your company.

And ‘personal contact’ really is personal. You get your own account manager who can be reached on a direct telephone number. Our experienced Customer Happiness team is always happy to help if you get stuck, and we always try to connect you to the people you already know, trust and who know who you are.

We treat you as we would like to be treated ourselves.

3. We provide great support

As a customer, you can change all settings for the cloud telephone system in a simple online management environment. If you can’t work it out, our Customer Happiness team is ready for you. They can answer all your questions, from technical support to administration.

High-quality support delivered by people who understand and can solve your problems.

4. We develop for and with the customer

We develop our services for and with our customers. The priority of features we develop is determined by what’s best for you: our customer. You can also contribute by beta testing future product versions such as the Voys App. And feedback can be sent in for every product we offer and is highly appreciated!

We develop for and with our customers to create true value.

5. Change is in our DNA

Voys exists through constant change.

“Build, measure, and learn” is the core of the company. We solemnly promise to make mistakes, because if everyone has the space to make mistakes, there is also the space to develop and learn. Everyone in the organization, and we really mean everyone, can continuously make smart changes. This is how we become one percent better every day. If we make a mistake, we will say sorry.

Everyone is constantly looking to improve our working methods, products, and services.

6. A continuous pursuit for (personal) growth

Joy in your work and personal growth are important to the people who work at Voys. Every colleague has a personal training budget, and Voys regularly organizes in-company training.

Annually, we will spend up to 5% of our time on 48percent.org and other social projects because we want to be a meaningful business.

Our core values create a culture of creative and open people. We use the best technology and deliver outstanding service with one goal: to make you a happy customer.