Smart business telephony for your awesome small or medium enterprise

For 18 years, Voys has been helping more than 18.000 businesses connect with their customers.

With our simple, smart, and powerful cloud based business phone system, you can focus on what matters most: your relationship with your clients.

And by using our effective CRM and help desk integrations, it’s easy to build even better relationships that last.

Makes the connection

If somebody calls you, they need your help. They either want your product or service or they need help with it. Telephony systems have tried to help that client reach somebody in the organization to could pick up, but with only 6 out of 10 calls making it to that point, they often failed.

Over the last 16 years, we have been helping organizations take the next step. It starts with making the connection, and once it’s there, we try to help you in building a relationship. Because if you have a real connection, you get the ability to make a difference.

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Helps you scale

Once you have made the connection, you get the opportunity to grow together. Because we deliver phone numbers in more than 55 countries, we can help you scale across borders and boundaries. And our tools help team members stay connected even when you work in a distributed way.

There are no contracts so you are free to scale up and down and have a solution that always fits your business and its size!

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Integrates with the systems you love

Staying connected works best when we integrate with the existing systems you love. With more than 100 integrations, we’ve got you covered.

Whether it’s communication tools like Slack, CRM systems like nations favorite one, or help desk systems like favorite two we integrate so you can focus on what matters: the relationship with your customer.

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Telecom technology that gets out of the way

Technology should just work. We have made the Virtual Phone System that gets out of the way and let you focus on what matters: your clients.

Better connections

Easy setup for optimal availability so your callers reach the right people in the organization.

Manage personal availability

No unnecessary call transfers, because you can easily which colleagues are available and which colleagues aren’t.

Context Popup

Context Popup adds context to the people calling you such as who they are, where they work, and who they spoke to last.

Freedom: easy-to-use Virtual Phone System

Simple online interface which lets you set up the entire system yourself with just a few clicks. Setup in minutes

Scalable Telephony System

Scale up and down effortlessly because you can add anytime and cancel anytime.

Go remote

A system build for the remote and distributed era.

Seamlessly connected from home or anywhere with the Voys App or Webphone. Make and receive calls, toggle presence, and check the availability of your colleagues.

Go International

Be an international player, with the possibility to have phone numbers from 55 countries.

Best-in-class support

Support in the way that fits you, whether it’s DIY & awesome help center or best-in-class support by our customer happiness colleagues via chat, email, or phone.

99.9% uptime and radical transparency

Our track record is consistent. And when we do encounter an issue, we share it. Big and small.

Unmatched call quality

Make crystal clear calls. Voys supports the industry-leading OPUS audio codec.

Fully integrated

Voys connects to more than 100 CRM & helpdesk systems to make supporting customers effortless and easy.

Doing stuff that matters

We want to be a meaningful business. To us, that means caring about the impact we have on our environment, society, and people. We want to work together as equals, with our colleagues, and with you, our customer.

It enables us to build awesome communication technology that supports the relationship between our customer and their clients. It also allows us to deliver best-in-class customer support.

Being a meaningful business also means that we have three pillars where we strive for change:

  • Working together as equals
  • Closing the digital divide
  • Building tech that gives people a voice

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You are in good company

More than 18,000 businesses

rely on Voys for their Virtual Phone System every day and call an average of 408,000 minutes per day via our reliable platform.

More than 16 years of experience

Starting in 2006, we are still one of the fastest-growing telephony providers in Europe.

More than 4000 reviews

have been received from our customers, with an average rating of 8.8! That is the highest average customer rating in the telecom world.

This is what our customers say

You are in good company. Over 17,500 businesses use Voys every day. Our customers rate us with an average of 8.8 in more than 4,000 reviews. And we are obsessed with customer happiness with an NPS of > 60 and a CSAT of more than 90 ?

  • “It does what it is supposed to do”

    Nice and complete delivery. I use 1 line, when I can’t answer I receive an e-mail with the voicemail. Don’t need anything else for now.

    Sander, Simol Beheer BV

  • “Excellent”

    We are very satisfied with the Voys product. And we are also very happy with the service that is provided.


  • “Great and fast implementation”

    Very satisfied with the support during setup and implementation. The phone number transfer went very well. Product and app work as expected.

    Erik, De Wagenparkbeheerders

  • “Excellent onboarding”

    Things were handled very quickly and in a personal matter. A question about phone number listing was thoroughly looked into and answered.

    Rolf, Thunderbyte.AI

  • “Good, fast and easy”

    Easy to use system that was quickly setup. It works well and the customer support is fast and friendly. I recommend it!

    Tamara, Fysiotherapie Broekhuizen

  • “Very good and easy to use”

    Very good service. All in one for a fixed price. Telephone system is easy to use.

    Jesse, Xoric

Make your business available the way you want

Use our simple, smart, and powerful cloud based business phone system, you can focus on what matters most: your relationship with your clients.

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