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Are you looking for a new, fun job? Then perhaps working at Voys is for you.

At Voys we work without managers and with a lot of freedom: we like to say we are working with only bosses. We believe that colleagues can very well take responsibility for what they are good at. That freedom and the rapid growth of our organization make working at Voys a wonderful challenge.

Want to take a look behind the scenes at Voys? Then check out the Voys Handbook for new colleagues.

Our current vacancies

Will you join our team? We almost always have vacancies and you are always welcome to send us an open application.

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4 steps

How our application process works

  1. After we receive your application, you will get an automatic email from us to confirm your application. This way you know we got your application. You will also hear from us in person when the application window closes, regardless of whether we are a match or not.
  2. Throughout the application process we look not only at your skills related to the job, but also if there is a culture fit. We think that having that culture fit is just as important as the job-related skills you have.
  3. Our application process has two different stages: the interview, and the introduction day. Our introduction days are like a demo of how it is to work at Voys. Half of the time will be spent with you showing your skills. The other half will be spent talking with various colleagues about our work culture. After the introduction day, we will evaluate both if we think you are a good match for us and if you think Voys is a good match for you.
  4. We work in a hybrid format, meaning there are opportunities to work both remotely or at our physical office in Groningen, the Netherlands. If you would like more information about how this works or how this applies to your specific situation, please contact us.