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Do you need a professional VoIP number for your new business? No problem, Voys offers geographic phone numbers in almost all regions.

What is a geographic number?

A geographic number is a land line / fixed line telephone number beginning with a geographically assigned area code. These numbers are widely recognized by local consumers and therefore very trustworthy.

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How to use a number

When you purchase a number a Voys, you receive login credentials to Freedom, our online PBX that you can manage yourself. Through this platform you can configure the routing of incoming calls to your phone number yourself.

For example, when someone calls your number a recording saying ‘Welcome to Company name’ plays and then a group of phones ring. When the call group doesn’t answer, the system automatically transfers the call to a (a group of) mobile phone(s) and then to a voicemail.

How many numbers do you need?

If your company just needs one main number: no problem. If you want every colleague to have his own number, you can get a 10-number block. And if you’re certain your company will grow way beyond 10 employees, just get a 100 number block.

A number block is always a range of consecutive numbers. If your sales team, support team and administration team have their own numbers, then they don’t have to spend time transferring calls around the company.

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