The webphone turns every computer into a phone

This is the Voys Webphone

We created a phone you can use on your computer. It is incredibly easy to use and it turns every computer into a phone. You won’t need to clutter your precious deskspace with any more devices than your laptop.

Your webphone is connected directly to Freedom, your cloud telecom system. Just make and receive phone calls with the webphone and transfer calls to your colleagues. Don’t forget to bring your headset.

Start using the webphone

How to use the webphone?

It’s actually pretty easy.

  • Go to and login with your Freedom user credentials.
  • Run through the wizard (takes 3 minutes)
  • Put your headset on
  • Start using the webphone

With the webphone, you can make and receive phone calls just like a regular phone. We do advise to use a headset to optimize the quality of speech. We also made you a manual.

No need to carry your deskphone around. Every computer is a phone.


Like to know more?

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