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How we spend your money

You are not just a Voys customer, you are also a contributor, because we don’t just use your €’s to deliver our services and cover our operational costs. We also invest heavily in open product development, we have our self-imposed 1% connectivity tax and we contribute to other projects we feel we need to support.

That’s why we like to be open about how we spend the money you pay us every month.

Among many other things, we (and you) support:

  • Initiatives and lawsuits to protect our privacy and net neutrality
  • Educational projects that support equal opportunity or learning to code
  • Projects that support entrepreneurship

This is how we spend your € 10,-

That leaves € 1,05

The profit (before tax)

The € 1,05 that remains is our profit, before interest and taxes. With this, we finance our international expansion. This amount is increasingly used to start beautiful projects or support initiatives that make free communication possible.

More about impact

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