Career days at Voys: This is how we spark kids’ curiosity about technology

At a career day at Voys, we introduce children to programming, sparking their creativity and encouraging them to explore technology.

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Theresa Haans
3 May 2024
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Here at Voys we’re all about sharing what we know, especially with the next generation. That’s why we enjoy hosting career days for kids at our Groningen office. During a career day, kids see what it is like working for a tech company. In this blog, we give you a sneak peek into what happens during one of our career days and why we are passionate about them.  

Welcoming 60 kids at our office

Picture this: a bunch of excited school kids aged 8-16 entering our office for a day of tech-filled fun. That’s what happens during a career day at Voys. The kids get to peek behind the curtain of our company and even get to dip their toes into the world of programming. 

Usually, we welcome groups of eight to fifteen kids, with one or two teachers joining them. In March we went all out with an XXL career day, hosting 60 kids at our office. Let’s just say our coffee machines got a serious workout that day. 

As soon as the kids step through our doors, they’re greeted by Anton, Stella, or Dagmar. After a warm welcome and introduction, it’s time for the grand tour of our office. We show them what various colleagues work on, and they get to hear the story behind our epic mural.

Skateboarding combined with learning

But it’s not all serious business. We know how to mix work with play, which is something the kids soon see for themselves. After the tour, it’s snack time. And a much needed break. The kids are then skateboarding around the office, and challenging each other in table tennis matches. 

As one young participant put it, “I found the break the most fun because then we could skateboard and play ping pong.” And yes, they’re free to explore the office, though our colleagues might sneakily close their doors or put on their noise-canceling headphones to stay focused amidst the excitement (and chaos). However, we believe that it is moments like these that stick with the kids, turning a day of learning into an unforgettable experience.

Programming with the micro:bit

Part of what we want to teach the kids during these career days is to introduce them to the world of programming. Since it’s an introduction, we aim to do this in an easy and fun way. That is why we make use of micro:bit. These little devices, complete with buttons and screens, serve as the perfect introduction to coding. 

By connecting it to a laptop and the associated Microsoft program, kids can drag and drop building blocks to create everything from text to images to music. And the best part? They get to see their creations come to life with just the click of a button or by shaking the device.

We’ve written the necessary instructions for them, and we’ve made sure to keep them short and sweet to keep boredom at bay. With instant feedback of what they have coded, the kids stay motivated and are eager to learn. It is no surprise that they get the most excited when they learn how to make music – a foolproof way to end the session on a high note. 

Reaching the end goal together

Throughout the session, teamwork is key. During the XXL career day, the kids were taught how to code the micro:bit to navigate a track. Whether they need to tackle coding challenges or program the micro:bit for various tasks, collaboration is essential. Working in groups of 3-4, the kids learn the value of communication and problem solving as they help each other reach the end goal. 

Through these career days we aim to spark the kids’ creativity. Once the kids understand the basics of programming the micro:bit, the sky’s the limit, and they are free to program what they want. We want to nurture their imagination and encourage them to think outside of the box. By introducing coding in a fun and interactive way, we hope to plant the seeds of interest in the field, paving the way for future imagination. 

Sharing our knowledge

At Voys, we believe that knowledge is meant to be shared, and fortunately, our colleagues know a lot. They are experts in their fields. And as a company we believe that there is even more value in our work if we can share what we know with others. 

For some, like one excited kid said, “I liked the presentation the most,” it’s the engaging talks and demonstration that leaves a lasting impact. And who could forget the excitement in the voice of another participant who exclaimed, “We built robots with chips in them. Working with the robots was the most fun.”

These firsthand experiences are what make our career days special. By inspiring children and sparking their curiosity in various fields like programming, sales and marketing, leaving kids eager to explore more, we’re contributing to laying the groundwork for a brighter future. 

Career days in collaboration with other organizations

We love teaming up with other organizations to host these career days. Take JINC, for example, a Dutch non-profit dedicated to leveling the playing field for all children, regardless of their background. Together, we strive to introduce kids to a world of possibilities by showcasing different professions and offering insights on how to apply for a job. 

We’re also proud partners with IMC and OTP, two organizations that bridge the gap between schools and companies, ensuring that kids get a firsthand look at the working world. 

Do you have career days?

Now that you’ve heard about our career days, we’re curious – does your workplace host similar days? Whether it’s showing kids what you do or helping students learn new things, career days are a great way to give back and help the next generation. 

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