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Sign up as a Voys partner and make your customer happy with our future proof online telecom system.

Easy and friendly

The Voys telecom system is easy to use. Both you and your customers can manage the configuration of your telecom in our user friendly online portal.


None of our services have a fixed contract term, so you can add or remove any service at any time without additional costs, easily managable in Freedom, our online platform.


When you connect your customers to the Voys platform we will compensate you with a fee for your effort.

Freedom: the number 1 VoIP platform in Europe

About 13 years ago we built the Freedom platform. What started as one of the first VoIP platforms in the world, has evolved into one of the most advanced and user friendly platforms available today.

The platform is built in a way so both partners and end users can easily manage anything in the web interface.

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Partner model

How it works

If you would like to connect your customers to the Voys platform on a regular basis, it is a very good idea to become our partner.


  • tell us the wishes and credentials of your customer so we can make a suitable offer.
  • will remain to be the first point of contact for your customers.
  • will do the first line support and help your customers setting up their portal.


  • gives you all the information you need for the partnership.
  • makes sure the telecom system is up to date, up and running and always friendly to use.
  • sends the offer and adds the customer into the online portal.
  • does the billing and collection process.
  • makes sure you are compensated for your effort.
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Would you like to know more about our partnership? Or would you like to have a demo of the Freedom portal? Just give us a call at +3150 211 0004 or send us an e-mail. We’ll contact you within a business day.