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VoIP equipment

If you want to use VoIP telephony, you can buy some VoIP phones and headsets.

What’s a VoIP telephone?

VoIP phones are SIP phones that you can connect to the internet connection in your router. If you order your phones at Voys, we will preconfigure them for you, so all you have to do is plug it in and go. The only thing you need to do is to connect them to any internet connection and they start working.

All phones we offer include all cables, adapters, configuration, and shipping costs. VAT is excluded.


Desk phones

Yealink T41S Yealink T42S Yealink T46S
Price € 127,-* € 147,-* € 197,-*
External BLF No No Yes
Power over Ethernet Yes Yes Yes
Ethernet port 2 x 100 Mbps 2 x Gigabit 2 x Gigabit
Display Black and white Black and white Full color display
Electronic Hook Switch No Yes Yes

*Prices include the configuration, support, adaptor and shipping and exclude VAT

Yealink and Gigaset

Wireless DECT-phones

Yealink W52H Yealink W52P Gigaset N720
Price € 97,- € 147,- € 898,-
Description Additional handset for a base station Base station + handset DECT-system: IP DECT manager + base station
Free your hands ftw


These headsets are suited for the above Yealink phones. Prices are including all needed cables, shipping and exclusive of VAT.

Jabra BIZ1500 Plantronics HW520 Plantronics W710
Price one ear € 77,- € 130,- € 297,-
Price two ears € 87,- € 150,- € 317,-
Call quality Good Excellent Excellent
Wireless No No Yes
  • All headsets have noise cancellation.
  • A wireless headset can only be connected to a phone with an Electronic Hook Switch.

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