How does it work?

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Which means ‘making telephone calls over an internet connection’. If you want to use VoIP you don’t need a physical PBX or a analog land line anymore. Everything you need is in the internet.

All you need to use VoIP is:

  • A stable internet connection
  • An account at a VoIP service provider (like Voys 😉 )
Over the internet

How does it work

When you use VoIP at Voys you choose a new telephone number in your own region.

You can use VoIP telephones, a VoIP app, or our VoIP software telephones for making phone calls. Just connect the device to the internet and configure it with the username and password you receive from us. Now our platforms detects your device. In a user friendly online platform you connect your phone numbers to your phones in the ‘dialplan’.


A new age

VoIP vs Analogue

Many businesses still have an analog land line or a physical telephone server that distributes the telephone calls within the company. The problems with these lines and servers are:

  • They aren’t flexible. When you want to change a setting or add a new phone when you hire a new colleague, it is either hard or impossible.
  • They are expensive. Monthly fees, and call rates are way cheaper using VoIP
  • They are outdated. It is hard to keep your server up to date because it’s not connected with the internet. That’s why you can’t use the newest features in cloud communication.
Over the internet

Advantages of VoIP

Using VoIP has many advantages you will benefit from. These are some of many.

VoIP is flexible

When your company uses VoIP your telecom solution is future proof. Your colleagues can use the business phone number from their home or coffeebar as long as they have an internet connection.

Optimally available

In our user friendly platform you can make a dialplan that makes sure your customer’s phone call will be answered in the best way possible using IVR menu’s, Time Routing and Call Groups.

VoIP is cheap

VoIP is way cheaper than traditional telephone providers, because your telephone lines are in the cloud and not in a physical server. You will also like the call rates.