More efficient calling with Call Control – better customer contact in less time

Discover the new feature Call Control, which allows you to control webphone calls with your headset. Which advantages does this have for your business?

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Suzanne Faber

31 May 2024
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If you thought the webphone was a piece of cake, you won’t know what to expect with our new Call Control feature. Because from now on, it’s possible to pick up the call through your headset, conveniently and quickly. What are the advantages for you and your company? We explain them to you in this blog.

Call Control is a new feature for the Voys webphone that helps you work more efficiently, faster, and with more fun. With the Voys webphone, you can make calls with your laptop through your browser. This is very practical, because you never have to bother with separate phones again. Your computer is a phone and you have all the freedom to call whoever, wherever and whenever you want, while also having all your customer data on hand.

Can’t get any better, you might say.


Come on, of course it could be better. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Controlling the webphone with your headset

The webphone works great, but let’s be honest: all those mouse clicks in a day don’t necessarily bring you joy. Is is really that bad, a few clicks to find the webphone again? Not until you do it three hundred times in a row, then it becomes irritating. Especially when you’re in the flow of a conversation, that kind of unnecessary distraction is the last thing you need.

Call Control solves that for you, because with this feature you control the webphone with your headset. You can answer or end a call, put someone on hold, or (un)mute yourself without touching a mouse. This makes calling with the webphone even more convenient than it already was.

No more searching for the webphone button

The phone rings. You grab your mouse (there it is again) and click like crazy through your tabs, looking for the webphone to speak to your customer. Meanwhile, the phone keeps ringing and when you answer it, you’re down 10-0 from annoyance alone, even though nothing has been said.

With Call Control, you tap your headset once while you calmly answer and take a quick look in your CRM to see why the customer is (probably) calling you. And in the meantime, get yourself a nice cup of coffee, because bluetooth works just fine at the coffee machine.

You feel the difference, right?

From now on you can answer, hang up, put on hold, and (un)mute yourself on your headset. This saves a lot of searching in tabs, gives you more overview on your screen, and it saves your customers waiting, because the fact that you can answer faster is also nicer for them.  

And let’s face it: less switching also means less stress.

Wireless EPOS headset for more focus while calling

In an ideal world, you are as focused as a laser beam. In the real world, your co-worker knocks over a cup of coffee or your cat runs across your desk while you’re trying to make a phone call.

A little noise in the workplace is part of the deal, but there are limits, of course. That’s why at Voys we sell a special headset that works perfectly when using Call Control. For the fans: we’re talking about the EPOS here.

(We prefer to call it EPIC ourselves).

The EPOS headset has perfect noise cancellation, making it much easier to concentrate, even if Johan and Irene are talking about  winter sports vacations together while you’re on the phone with a customer. Moreover, the sound quality is also top notch, so it’s your customer’s voice that you hear the most. And vice versa, of course, the customer hears you crystal clear as well.

Because you have fewer distractions, making phone calls takes a lot less energy. You can handle more conversations and when you get home after a day’s work, you are not completely burned out, but you can have a normal conversation with your partner and children, which is always enjoyable

(If you want epic calling with the EPOS headset, order it now.)

Helping customers better and faster

Of course, the fact that Call Control is very nice for you as a caller is a big win in itself. But the feature is also meant to help companies grow.

How can you grow by controlling your webphone with your headset?

It’s not that complicated. What do you think happens when you help customers with full attention and at lightning speed? Then they are super happy. Genuine interest, a joke in between, real listening and then coming up with a solution: it’s customer contact heaven for every caller. Watch what happens when customers tell each other about their experience.

Because you are so nice and focused on making calls, you also fly through them. You help more customers in less time, which automatically shortens queues. Customers get their turn quicker, which brightens almost every mood.

And even your colleagues in the administration department can crack a smile. Because it turns out: with the time you save, you also save on costs.

This is how you start with Call Control

If you want to start using Call Control yourself, it’s pretty simple. At least, if you are already a Voys customer and are using a headset suitable for using the feature. So, if you want to make business calls with Voys, sign up immediately, within a day you will be available.

If you already call with Voys, then using Call Control is a breeze.

  • Step 1: Install the webphone on your laptop or computer.
  • Step 2: Go to ‘Settings
  • Step 3: Click on ‘Enable call control.’

Still complicated? On our help pages we explain how it works with pictures and tell you right away how to pair your headset. By the way, Call Control doesn’t work without a headset, so if you want to buy one, consider the EPOS. (You won’t regret it!)

How are you experiencing Call Control?

You’ll see: the new feature Call Control has quite a few advantages both for you and for your company. We are very curious to know how you experience Call Control. Please tell us how you like Call Control, and if you have any feedback: it’s more than welcome! You can give feedback by clicking on the feedback button in the webphone.

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